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Who is Terminal Beats?

Alexander Gareth Graham (December 12th 1997 Baltimore, Maryland) Born with a Jamaican mother and an American father, he was raised in the humble city of Frederick, Maryland, a city not known for its hip hop influence, but close to Baltimore and DC, which have proven themselves in the music industry.

Alex discovered hip hop at a very young age through T.V. and radio. As a child, Alex would sit in the car as his father would flip through the radio stations and whenever he would skip past the local hip hop station, Alex would tell his dad to go back because there was some kind of an innate love for the vibe and culture hip hop and rap. “The music has lived inside of me ever since the day I was born.”

The same intangible feeling that has drawn Alex to hip hop music led him to try rapping when he reached the 8th grade. He met some friends that were also curious about rapping, and decided to give it a shot. He bought a microphone, headphones, and some paper, and tried his luck at writing a song. He fell in love with the songs that he made and continued to rap and freestyle for the next 2 years.

Towards the end of his rapping career, Alex found himself loving the beats that he would rap to more than the songs that he made and contemplated changing his career. It was a tough decision for the aspiring young rapper, but with no other choices, he had to keep the fire he had for hip hop alive.

In 2010 Alex downloaded his first digital audio workstation and started making his own beats and learning how to mix and master. Over time he developed his skills and before long his patience and determination paid off. He began selling his beats and mixing/mastering services to artists around the world through social media websites.

Over time, Alex got serious about his music and realized that this was his calling. He experimented with different names but settled on ‘Terminal Beats’. The word “terminal” came from the scientific term ‘terminal velocity’, which refers to the fastest, and most intense an object can possibly become. He incorporated that into his name because with a lot of his beats, he incorporates hard hitting drums and a very unique style. People often describe his beats as “live”, or “fire” because of their vibes and style.

Terminal Beats is planning to come up in the music industry and change the music industry for good with his motto “GOD first, beats second”